Swaps charts: from bitcoin to $ and from $ to bitcoin
bitcoin spot price: $3,584

Swaps released daily at 16:15 UTC.

Date From bitcoin to $ (in %) From $ to bitcoin (in %)
2019-02-17not yet released
2019-02-16 -0.417 -0.327
2019-02-15 -0.080 -0.514
2019-02-14 -0.480 -0.584
2019-02-13 -0.567 -0.636
2019-02-12 -0.250 -0.597

Latest commentary

11/02/2019: Swaps update

Last update from 19th January re-iterated. $3,604.

19/01/2019: Swaps update.

Bitcoin to $ swaps have formed a firm uptrend in conjunction with $ to bitcoin swaps forming a solid downtrend since December 2018. This indicates that bitcoin is likely to head substantially lower against $ from its current level of $3,701. 

07/12/2018: Update.

$ to bitcoin swap, indicating market preference to switch from $ to bitcoin, is at its lowest level since 30th March (marked with an exclamation on the swaps chart.) Bitcoin's price (ie exchange v. $) reached a low of $6,463 on 4th April and had advanced to $9,956 by 5th May. Bitcoin to $ swap has been falling broadly since early November, indicating market 'interest' isn't fundamentally moving away from bitcoin over $. $3,266. 

16/11/2018: Update.

Following bitcoin's price move lower, $ to bitcoin swaps have fallen in conjunction with bitcoin to $ swaps falling. This signals no fundamental change in stance to previous commentary $5,529. 

30/10/2018: Swaps update.

Bitcoin to $ swaps rise in conjunction with $ to bitcoin swaps falling sharply. Previous updates reinforced. $6,254.

15/10/2018: Bitcoin to $ swaps movement.

Bitcoin to $ swaps falling in conjunction with bitcoin’s price fall. Last update re-iterated. $6,410.

09/10/2018: Swap movements.

$ to bitcoin swaps continue to rise with bitcoin to $ swaps falling today. Breakout higher for bitcoin building. $6,571.

08/10/2018: Swaps movement.

Move higher in bitcoin to $ swaps accompanying move higher in $ to bitcoin swaps. Bitcoin rally not ‘doubly confirmed.’ $6,620.

04/10/2018: $ to bitcoin swap movement.

Move higher in $ to bitcoin swaps. $6,552.

22/09/2018: Swaps update.

Bitcoin to $ swaps rising in conjunction with $ to bitcoin swaps rising. Short term bitcoin rally not doubly confirmed; last update reiterated. $6,711.

14/09/2018: Swaps description.

Bitcoin to $ swaps not falling with short term price rise and $ to bitcoin swaps not rising. $6,521.